Creating a food culture full of smiles and realizing a society full of happiness

Thank you for your continued patronage of our products and services.
With our core business of manufacturing and selling chilled noodle products such as "Jumonji Ramen", "Hinai Chicken Ramen", and "Yokote Yakisoba", we strive every day to provide a food culture full of smiles all over the country.

Our company was founded in 1906 by our great-grandfather, Hayashi Eizo, as a grain merchant under the name Hayashi Shoten, and became known as a wealthy merchant who became famous for selling grain to Hokkaido.
My grandfather, Chiyoshiro Hayashi, closed down his grain business in response to GHQ's land reform, obtained rare sugar through a relationship with his great-grandfather, developed Akita's famous popsicles, and re-founded the company as Rinsendo.
We had built a sales network for selling frozen desserts and cheap sweets, but in response to the rise in logistics costs due to the oil crisis, our predecessor, Hiroshi Hayashi, made a major structural change and took over as a noodle manufacturer, daringly reducing our sales area.
We have adopted a sales policy that is primarily community-based.
As a community-based business, the product manufacturer is different from the current home delivery service division, but in the 1960s, we started an early morning delivery business in the Yokote area,
laying the groundwork for our current business domain.

Since formulating our management innovation plan in fiscal 2000, our company has further strengthened the product appeal that we have cultivated over the generations, and now the majority of our sales come from shipments, primarily to the Tokyo metropolitan area.
Our circle of customers is expanding greatly.
In recent years, we have not only been working to bring the taste of Akita to the whole country, but we have also been challenging various markets and sales methods with the spirit of bringing the taste of Japan to the world.

We hope to be a company that always remembers the spirit of challengers and creates new tastes and joy.
We also want to be a company that values the know-how and relationships we have cultivated while adapting our founding spirit to the times.
The know-how we cultivated during the chaotic period after the end of the war when making popsicles is now the foundation of our company's liquid blending technology for soup production, and our know-how regarding frozen food production would not have been possible without that experience.
Our experience in the early morning delivery business during the oil shock period is still relevant in our dairy product delivery service business, which is now one of the prefecture's largest sales networks.
We are proud that through our business, we not only sell products, but also revitalize local communities through interaction with customers.

Our company's employees work together every day under the corporate philosophy of ``Making everyone's dreams come true by providing a food culture full of smiles.''
When customers try our noodle products, we develop and manufacture attractive products that will make every customer's home smile and say, ``It's delicious!'' and have a lively conversation. We hope to be a company that can bring smiles to people all over the world by providing food and beverage services through our stores, catering services, etc.

In order to realize this philosophy, we would like to introduce our commitment and ingenuity through various initiatives to provide safe, secure, and delicious food to the dining tables of many customers.